The residential complex designed with green architecture and minimal approaches. According to the green architecture requirements each unit has terrace and green yard. So each unit have courtyard like as traditional houses to reduce daily stress and pressure and also the greenery of trees can help to the vitality and happiness of neighbors and face of the city.




 Each floor is rotated 5 degrees above the previous floor , it creates a shadow for the windows below as well as space for the upstairs terrace. Also , as floor go up higher , their density is reduced. Here by: 

  1. avoid high density in the building.
  2. create a space for the courtyard floors in this way.
  3. create more lighting for each unit.
  4. prevent entry of street noise pollution with this way.


 The structure system is Core structure system that can withstand floo

rs weight.

The modeling of this project is done in 3-D MAX 2017 software and after completing material and exposure modeling in V-RAY 3.5 and check out rendering steps with photo shop post production operation has been applied to get perfect result and real render




Tools used: Autodesk 3ds Max, Vray

Location: Tehran_iran

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